Filling Gaps and Spaces between Teeth in Pleasant Grove, UT

Many people are born with gaps between their teeth, especially the front two teeth,  There are a number of reasons why people's teeth are spaced apart. Some people do not have all of their permanent adult teeth when they reach adulthood. If your jaw is too broad, your teeth may not be able to fill all of the gaps, and your teeth will spread out, causing gaps.

If you're looking for a solution to close gaps between your teeth or have long wondered what causes them, you should go to a professional doctor. White Family Dental is a company that can help you and is always ready to help patients feel cared for throughout the treatment process. We are the best choice for your smile, call us today at 385-316-6323 to plan a cosmetic consultation with the White Family Dental or schedule an appointment online.

What Are the Risks of Gaps Between Teeth

What Are the Risks of Gaps Between Teeth?

Gaps between your teeth might make you feel self-conscious and make you unhappy with your smile. Gaps, unfortunately, aren't only a cosmetic concern. If gaps between your teeth aren't filled, they'll continue to shift until they cause difficulties, like a misaligned bite. If your teeth aren't properly aligned, the forces from eating or closing your mouth might cause chipping and cracking.

You Are more likely to get an oral infection if you have gaps between your teeth. Food particles can become stuck between teeth, allowing bacteria to grow and spread. Gum sensitivity, cavities, and poor breath can all be caused by increased bacterial activity on the gums and teeth.

Gaps between your teeth might be dangerous to your general health in extreme circumstances. Bacteria can enter the circulation and harm the rest of your body through the teeth and gums. People with poor dental health and infections are more likely to develop heart disease and organ damage.

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Patients feel at ease when they visit White Family Dental because of our knowledge, training, and unique approach. We never provide "cookie-cutter" therapy since our dentist recognizes that no two individuals are the same. So schedule an appointment with a dentist who actually cares about your needs right now! A few more reasons are included below to assist you to feel confident in your decision to work with us.

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